Raising the bar: Entrepreneur to Agile Entrepreneur

Agile Entrepreneurship is all about raising agile concepts to entrepreneurial level in a way that would clinch success by innovation, autonomy, pro-activeness, risk-taking and other characteristics associated with entrepreneurship. In today’s competitive era, time to market a new product is shrinking, so cycle time should be reduced and build measure, learn feedback loop needs to be speedup. Agile practices like validated learning, spikes and value stream mapping comes very handy to entrepreneurs.

An Agile entrepreneur sees change as the norms and as healthy. They always search for change, respond to it, and exploit it as an opportunity. They usually tweaks with different parameters like segmentation and differentiation to come up with some innovation following the Philosophy of  work hard, spend less and don't waste.

In the present  paper, an effort has been made to pronounce briefly how to inherit agile traits in a startup endeavor.It also discuss few case studies of  Zappos, Project Purple 2 and  SnapTax etc.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop

Validated Learning and Value Stream Mapping

Work Hard Spend Less and Don't waste


Case Studies: Zappos , Project Purple 2, SnapTax 


Learning Outcome

  • Everyone who can face up to the decision making can learn to be an entrepreneur and behave entrepreneurially.
  • Entrepreneurship, then is behavior rather than personality traits. And its foundation lies concept and theory rather than intuition.
  • Agile product development concepts  can successfully be applied to  Entrepreneurship.
  • By applying Agile knowledge, an entrepreneur moves to knowledge based innovation, goal orientation, process improvement, It certainly gives an entrepreneur an edge over competitor

Target Audience

Scrum Masters or audience with basic agile understanding, Entrepreneur enthusiast

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