Lean Enterprise Agile Framework - A Systems Thinking approach to scale deliverables

Lean Enterprise Agile Framework (leaf) – A framework to scale delivery


It’s about “Being Agile”, not following agile or practicing agile or doing agile. That’s what you have heard. If I were the sponsor or a developer or a user or a buyer of a product, all I would care is about the product. So if you ask me, I would rather focus on scaling delivery of products rather than scaling processes or teams. Leaf is a conversation starter and a systems thinking approach to deliver products, if required even at scale.


In this 90-minute workshop, Satisha will let you work on improving the delivery of a hypothetical organization failing to deliver at scale by applying leaf principles and patterns.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • A story about an Organization(Let’s call it MiddleOvers) missing deliverables or under delivering
  • When do you need to change?
  • How do you get started?
  • What is a System?
  • What is Systems Thinking
  • Apply Systems Thinking approach to identify changes to MiddleOvers to improve the delivery
  • Apply Systems Thinking approach to understand the impact of changes.
  • Apply Systems Thinking approach to design Organization to sustain changes at Organization level
  • Patterns for addressing delivery issues at Organization level.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn to focus on delivery than adopting a specific process
  • Learn to design a Process to scale deliverable for an Organization
  • Learn about practices and patterns required to scale deliverables from speaker's experience

Target Audience

Anybody who is responsible for Organization transformation or responsible for deliverables at the organization level.

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