An Organization change is sustainable when its evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Organizational change using Scrum is disruptive and may yield results quicker. However it may encounter lots of resistance and may cause few heartburns as well. Kanban on the other hand is not disruptive and evolutionary. However, it needs to disciple to sustain continuous improvement. Organizations incur same amount of pain with bot the approaches but at different rates and times.

This talk is about making best use of both aproaches to bring in revolutionary changes at a sustainable pace with a story.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- How to apply Theory of Contstraints to identify and address Organizational change?

- Lean Thinking.

- Kanban Thinking.

- Timeboxing Organizational Changes.

- Discuss a case study where Scrumban is best approach for Organizational change than Scrum or Kanban in isolation.


Learning Outcome

  • Learn when to apply Scrumban.
  • Learn how to apply Scrumban to bring about evolutionary change to Organizations.


Target Audience

Change agents, coaches, Managers

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  • Anish Cheriyan
    By Anish Cheriyan  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Apeksha,

    Thanks for the topic submission. Please request to  add more details of the case study of Scrumban which you are planning to share.

    Please add the draft slides.
    Also request you to add any presentations which you have done in past along with the video.


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