I would say that DevOps is just another devil which is daring to spread across the entire planet. 

Oops did I say that DevOps is a devil?

Let me clarify.

I would rather say that the HYPE around the term DevOps makes it appear like a Daredevil.

But why so much of hype around it that make it appear like a devil?

And what could be the consequences?


Let me provide my opinion about the DevOps hype that is currently generated in the market.

Coming from the world of consulting let me share my experience about the market hype being created around DevOps.

You will hear job requirements for DevOps Engineer, DevOps Lead, DevOps Consultant.

But when you read the Job Description (JD) you will find lot of tools and automation being mentioned.

So what is the difference between a traditional build/release/deployment engineer and a DevOps engineer?

What is the real intention behind introducing the term DevOps?

Let me talk about how we evolved from the world of continuous integration to continuous delivery and how we are moving towards continuous deployment. 

Scrum & eXtreme Programming (XP) helped us to deliver continuously by bring the developers and testers together.

Continuous Delivery is not enough? Why do we need to move towards Continuous Deployment?

Because of the need to Fail Fast we have to deploy our Product Increments often.

We need to learn what the end users really want ahead of our competitors.

Like how Google, Amazon, Flipkart did it!


How to make the devil disappear and bring in the Good?

Let me talk why DevOps is an end state and how it is not just another model that you can be quickly adopt in your organization.


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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction of the term "Daredevil DevOps"
    • What do I mean by "Daredevil"?
  • Market hype around DevOps
    • Why the hype was created?
  • Journey from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery
    • Why it is not enough to stop here?
  • Journey from Continuous Delivery to Continuous Deployment
    • Why it is required?
    • For whom?
  • DevOps - a end goal and not a model/framework
    • How IT can help the Business win?

Learning Outcome

Learn what DevOps really means and how you can use it to make your business succeed. Unlearn some of the myths that is being created due to the market hype around it.

Target Audience

CIOs, IT Leadership Team, Program Managers, Project Managers, Operations Team, Agile Consultants, Agile Coaches

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  • Prasad
    By Prasad  ~  3 years ago
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    Share some PPT/ slides on your thought process.

    ~ Pras

    • Dyaneshwaran P
      By Dyaneshwaran P  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Prasad,

      I have uploaded the slides.



    • Dyaneshwaran P
      By Dyaneshwaran P  ~  3 years ago
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      Sure Prasad.

      I will share few slides on my proposal.



  • steve ropa
    By steve ropa  ~  3 years ago
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    You mention that this is an experience report, yet your description feels more like a talk.  Can you help me understand how this is an experience report, and perhaps how you will present it as such?




    • Dyaneshwaran P
      By Dyaneshwaran P  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Steve,

      While submitting the proposal I felt 50-50 between TALK and EXPERIENCE REPORT.

      But went ahead with EXPERIENCE REPORT.

      Since it feels like a TALK to many I would rather update it accordingly.

      Thanks for your inputs.