In todays world with the modern tools and technologies we are getting more and more abstracted from the underlying networking concepts. But these concepts are still very essential and relevant when we work in a real life situation.
We will look at 3 very different infrastructure in terms of tools and technologies and seemingly entirely unrelated problems. But we will see how networking is the simple key which unravel each of these mysteries.
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Outline/structure of the Session

We will present an account of 3 cases with our previous clients. One client with legacy infrastructure, another a modern world client using openstack, puppet and ansible infrastructure and the third case with the similar infrastructure plus the lxc containers added to the ecosystem.

In case one which is the legacy infrastructure we were struggling with multiple disconnected hosts, port forwarding and firewall issues.

Second one is the connectivity issue because of prod and dev openstack setup disparity.

Third one we have third party ip whitelisting constraints while providing the scalable solutions to the development team to work on.

On surface all the three cases are completely independent to each other but when thought through it comes to a simple networking issues which we resolved it with the simple solutions as tunnelling and vpn.

Learning Outcome


Problems that look very different at the surface, if thought through can be solved with simple solutions

The devops culture and the tools ecosystem is growing a lot today but the basic age old knowledge of networking is still a must have.

Target Audience

Devops, Enterprises, IT, Developers

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Sankalp,

       Thanks much for the submission.  I like the very real world example you want to talk about here.  What would your attendees need to understand to get the most out of the session?  Also, have you presented on this topic before?



    • Joel Tosi
      By Joel Tosi  ~  2 years ago
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      Also Sankalp, could you please link to a video or slides so we can understand your presentation style.  Thanks much

      • Sankalp Singh
        By Sankalp Singh  ~  2 years ago
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        Hello Joel,

        Out talk is around concpets and skills required for doing devops in correct way. Al though we touch few topics of networking, our focus is not on techincal aspects of it, but more around story assoiated with these cases. And whatever is needed we will cover in our talk, using analogies and diagrams, as it is not core to the talk. A basic overview on what is going on Devops world is enough.

        Yes, we have presented this topic before, at DevOpsDays India 2015, will share links here when video is relased.



        • Joel Tosi
          By Joel Tosi  ~  1 year ago
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          Thanks much for the clarity Sankalp.  I like your response but feel like it isn't inline with your description - which was very networking heavy.  Does the description or learning outcomes need to be updated?



          • Sankalp Singh
            By Sankalp Singh  ~  1 year ago
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            Hey Joel,

            Description and learning outcomes is apt. We have added technical content on networking in talk, but still we won't expect any prerequisites. As per the talk outline, we have used latest trends as openstack, lxc as keywords, but we don't expect anyone to know any detail on them.