The words Agile and Infrastructure were often used in the context of elastic, scalable and virtual infrastructure providing agility in computing , storage and network space. More recently , based on the success of Agile in Software development , many companies are looking at improving the agility in infrastructure projects by adopting some of the "Agile" principles in their implementations. The expectation is to be able to create a guiding framework for making infrastructure projects like End user services , data center Services & migrations, etc more agile ( the one with a small 'a') by applying the learning from established models of Agile software development. 

As part of this talk / session , I will share our experience & insights  on "Adopting Agility in Infrastructure projects" . I would be covering briefly on the following aspects

1. The Need for increased agility in infrastructure project - is there one ?

2. Critical Characteristics of Infrastructure Projects that makes them different 

3. Emergent Design to Emergent Services .

4. Reference Models Water-Scrum-Fall , ScrumBan , Kanban , CRP etc

5. What works for us !! 

6. Key Challenges & Learnings

The value proposition of enhancing the agility in infrastructure projects is different from the ones viewed from a software developments lens. The need for improving the agility in non software development space is slowly catching attention of business owners. Agility in infrastructure projects is our first step towards an extended agile (small 'a') implementation model for non software development space.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Section I - 8 Mins

1. Introduction - Need for Increased Agility in infrastructure projects

2. What makes the different - Critical Characteristics of Infrastructure Projects.

3. Positioning the Value proposition

Section II - 10 Mins

4. Selecting the Right Model for implementation

5. Key Elements of our approach to a Case in point.

6. Key Challenges & Learning

Section III - 2 Mins

7. Q & A


Learning Outcome

- Key aspects to be considered while adopting agility in infrastructure projects

- how to define Value proposition of Agility in Infra projects

- a practioner's view of challenges and risks in the implementations

- how to use the Agile principles as guidance in creating agility

Target Audience

Project Managers , Program Managers , End User Services / Data Center Services teams , Enterprise Architects , Service Delivery Managers , SME

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  • Anish Cheriyan
    By Anish Cheriyan  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Madhu,

    Thanks for the topic submission. Your topic "Agility in Infrastructure Projects"is interesting. Can you please provide more details about the project experience. Have you applied any guiding agile framework for making infrastructure projects. Please add those details.

    Appreciate if you can attach the draft slides.


    • Madhu Madhanan
      By Madhu Madhanan  ~  3 years ago
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      Hi Anish,

      We have used combination of Scrum , kanban and 2i principles and have designed  the Release based approach which primarily focuses on release slicing , service dependency management ,  and hybrid model implementation to bring in agility in infrastructure projects.