The word "DevOps-in-a-Box" has been deemed a misnomer , among the DevOps practitioner, thanks to the parody video from ScriptRock (my personal favourite ) and some active advocates of the same in our field. DevOps-in-a-box makes no practical sense just like Agile-in-a-box wont. You cant buy an appliance or a "box" which will make you / your enterprise  Agile or DevOps. Maybe CI/CD Tools-in-a-Box might make some sense considering some of the end to end tool chains and orchestration services that are offered as an appliance or as-a-service model.

During the various discussion on training & coaching for DevOps implementations, we realized that implementers & practioners need an simple environment to experiment and learn the concepts of DevOps not limiting to only the tools & tool-chains. We realized that this maybe a practical use case for DevOps-in-a-box i.e DevOps in a Box - a Training Environment. When we looked around for similar views and approaches we found the Calavera project by Charles T. Betz. The Calavera project creates a "skeletal" continuous delivery pipeline that can be experimented on a workstation using Vagrant and VM VirtualBox. Though it is primarily CD-tools-in-a-box ,it is an interesting way to experiment with your own pipeline. 

For our training needs , we wanted to explore methods of creating an environment where the aspects of tools , process and people enablement methods can be experimented. As a result of which , we set out to create the DevOps Experimental Learning Platform (DELP). Using the extensive experience Wipro has in the field Agile , CI-CD & DevOps we created various Devops-in-a-box models that can be stood up in a experimental environment to understand how the implementation was architected , what were the process models and the key people enablement factors that were used for the success. The Practitioner can compare their experimental implementation with the actual and understand the reason for the difference.

As part of this demonstration , i will walk you through key elements of the Platform , DevOps Implementation codification methods and a view of a live "Devops-in-a-box" use case. 


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Outline/structure of the Session

Section I - 15 Mins

1. DevOps-in-a-Box - a Training Environment Introduction

2. DevOps Experimental Learning Platform.

Section II - 25 Mins

3. Demo of one Use Case 

Section III - 5 mins

4. Q & A


Learning Outcome

- Understand the need for a training environment for DevOps Tools & processes

- Key elements of creating a usable , Codified DevOps Implementation for Training

- General components of a Learning Platform

- Experience on Use case on the platform

Target Audience

DevOps Coaches , Scrum Masters , Trainers , Consultants , Developers , Engineering teams.

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  • Vivek Ganesan
    By Vivek Ganesan  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Madhu,

    Can you throw some light on the usecase that you are planning to demo?

    Also, can you upload a small video of you presenting(even video taken from mobile phone is okay) so that we can get to know your presentation style?

    Thank you.


    • Madhu Madhanan
      By Madhu Madhanan  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Vivek , 

      The Usecase would be on how to create an Open source Tool Chain on the platform. 

      As with the Video , i have requested from my previous hosts .i will share as soon as i receive it


  • Shiv Sivaguru
    By Shiv Sivaguru  ~  3 years ago
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    Would your session need 45 minutes?

    To set the context and demonstrate the platform, can it be done in a shorter time, so that the audience can be kept engaged>

    • Madhu Madhanan
      By Madhu Madhanan  ~  2 years ago
      reply Reply


      45 mins would be required if we have to give a hands-on to the audience . If we have to do it in a shorter time then it would be just a demo where an use case can explained


  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  3 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Madhu,

        Is your project open source?  If so, can you provide a link to it please.  Also, do you have any slide or video reference we can check out?




    • Madhu Madhanan
      By Madhu Madhanan  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Joel,

      We are still in discussion on whether to make it open source. Currently it is not hosted in github and once we finalize it will be