Building Agility Brick by Brick : A report on how Agile was imbibed successfully in an traditional project

I will be presenting a case study/experience report of a developing and implementing Web based Content Management System where the website was to be rolled out in 29 countries, having different languages and fonts, different country specific business/legal rules and equal number of country specific business owners.

The project was planned and executed by me in iterative waterfall manner and met all the milestones and timelines with huge customer accolades. I followed traditional project management but unknowingly was adhering to the basic Agile Manifesto in all the project management practices that the project had adopted . Whether its giving importance to face to face or verbal communication , enabling collaboration and communication with client on daily basis, ensuring website is doing what is important to business whenever the demo happens, and following development practice so that change request which are critical to the business, are incorporated without following the traditional change management process.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Introduction about my role when I joined the project being discussed
  • Summary of the software developed and the associated complexities
  • Brief summary of Project Monitoring approach adopted
  • Summary of results achieved at that time
  • Discussion on Key Practices that Rhyme with Agile Ways of Working
  • Closure of the session highlighting how one can be agile without following any available agile methodology

Learning Outcome

The session will highlight the key practices that were followed, which brought AGILITY in my project team and the development process, in spite of not being introduced to bookish agile and related terminologies. I will be mapping various activities followed in the project with the ceremonies and activities advocated in Agile and Scrum

The session will end the session on the note that Agile cannot be learned from books. It is to be imbibed within yourself and Agility to be practiced in day to day work

Target Audience

All Agile enthusiast, Scrum Master, Project/Program managers looking forward to embrace agile

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Public Feedback

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  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Amit,

    It would be good if you cover the aspects on the culture aspects from team and the customer side where it's of more challenging nowadays in IT Services based organisation. Also would you be showcasing any reports which was shared with customer and how the business value was concived and delivered.


    Thanks and Regards


    • Amit Kumar Srivastava
      By Amit Kumar Srivastava  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Balaji,

      Thanks for your review comments.



      As mentioned in my previous comment to Anish, I would be covering the team and culturas aspects that I brought in,  like stress on verbal communication, daily standup etc. I would be sharing the challenges that I faced in bringing those cultural change.

      The business value achieved is mentioned as part of one slide which I would be talking about, before getting into retrospection of what and how the agility was imbibed.  I will not be covering the Weekly or Monthly reporting format per se, as they were typical tradition, but would highlight how the client valued team's voice,participation over these report, which resulted in effective collaboration. 

      Please do let me know if there are any questions.




  • Anish Cheriyan
    By Anish Cheriyan  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for the topic submission. Can you please elaborate more details about the topic like specific collaboration practices, change management practice or development practice which you followed in the project. You may also attach your draft slides . Thanks again.


    • Amit Kumar Srivastava
      By Amit Kumar Srivastava  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Anish,

      As I mentioned in the abstract that the program was supposed to be executed in Waterfall Methedology, the following practices were practiced byt he team

      • Focus on verbal communication. Written communication whenever important
      • Requirement workshop for a week at client location
      • Focus on relationship building with client
      • Daily call with client 
      • Informal call for requirement clarification
      • Weekly progress update and triage meetings with client international project manager
      • Milestone based iterative approach
      • After initial delay,  early testing was incorporated
      • Short duration progress review meeting
      • Feedback cycle established
      • Automation incorporated using selenium
      • Daily build and deployment in QA
      • Client access to QA environment for collaborative testing

      I will try to attach the draft slides