Enabling Agile Development using Rapid Application Delivery Software Platform

Agile Development has been spoken, tried, implemented and adopted by many enterprises in the last few years. The obvious benefits of Agile Development are faster time to market, lower risk, greater agility and ability to make changes and course correction and having a product that is always ready to ship..


In order to get Agile correct Enterprises have standardized on processes and methodologies. While it is important, another missing piece is a software platform that can help get Agile Projects Delivered.

This is where RAD (Rapid Application Delivery) platforms can help.

In this sessions we will focus on,

- Core design principles of Rapid Application Delivery Platforms

- Areas of Application Delivery Lifecycle

- Pitfalls of existing approaches to application development and deployment.

- Focus of Rapid Application Delivery on Development, Deployment and Integration

- Usability as a core tenant of modern agile development

- Features that are fundamental to make Agile Methodology a success



Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is Agile and its importance in today's Enterprise

Agile Process and Methodologies

Missing Pieces of Agile 

What is Rapid Application Delivery (RAD)?

Core Design Principles

Capabilities of RAD

Made for each other - Agile and RAD 



Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn what is Rapid Application Delivery? Why it is important in today's Enterprise and how Agile and RAD can benefit from each other.Attendees will learn the modern approaches to application development, deployment and integration. 


Target Audience

Enterprise Architects, DevOps, Technology Leaders, Application Development Leads/Managers

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  • Leena S N
    By Leena S N  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi Mayur,


    As this is more about the tool, can it be a 20 minutes experience report than a 45 minute talk? 


    • Mayur Shah
      By Mayur Shah  ~  4 years ago
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      I can certainly make it a 20 min talk. Just that the focus of the talk will be on RAD as a platform and approach to modern application development that enables Agile. 

      So  I will make it a very generic topic as opposed to a specific tool.




  • Evan Leybourn
    By Evan Leybourn  ~  4 years ago
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    This is an interesting topic, but I think it would be better suited in the Agile in the Trenches or Devops / CD tracks. 

    Also; we strongly recommend attaching example videos or slides. It doesn't have to be on this topic, but something to help the track reviewers in their assessments.