Feasibility Study: Implementing Agility In Strategic Technology Management

Research Statement: To investigate the feasibility of defining and executing Strategic Technology Management using Agile (for IT Services of companies) to maximize the business value by delivering innovative products, increase productivity and derive high ROI(Return of investment).

As an IT Operations Manager, Agile Transformationist and Coach for IT programs/projects adopting Agile as a software development model, I observed and witnessed some of the most crucial and evident benefits of the Agile Methodology : HighROI , Faster business value, time to market, increased productivity and Agility in execution: All contributing to a globally distinguishable success for the project.

While discussing Organizational IT Strategy, and Strategic Technology Management with some Senior Managers, and going through subjective material, I observed that STM enabled Organization Strategy for IT was executed by management into broad steps of:-

1) Strategy definition 2) Execution. I also observed that if the two steps sprawled over a period of 6 months, then the risk of missing out new upcoming user requirements in between (having impact due to IT and any new concerns) and any intermediate change in technological trends was at a very high risk of getting missed out. I realized that one reason was that while defining the strategy, whatever base information and business vision management took into consideration as the base point was not getting revisited very efficiently during the internal stages of strategy definition and also execution especially if the strategy definition is sprawled over 6 months as already mentioned above.


Due to this I started to search for any experiences shared or white papers on company based scenarios wherein STM was utilizing the fundamentals of Agility to overcome the risk as mentioned above. I was not able to find any direct literature w.r.t the same.

Hence, started with research and analysis on defining and executing STM from a subjective and feasibility perspective.

It’s a rhythm of continuous planning and adapting to manage scope/priority that can fit in iterations. This paper attempts to cover briefly an initiating thought about how managers can devise IT technology related strategic paths for their Organization.

It would be important to state that this area is subject to consistent evolution with more application related experience based research. This study also briefly mentions the implications of agility with STM.

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Outline/structure of the Session

5 mins - My Introduction 

30 mins - Paper

10 mins - Q and A

Learning Outcome

Defining and executing strategy using Agility to provide effective resource utilization and increase performance of their firms to fulfill
company's objective. Some other benefits are as below:-

-Effective feedback and control mechanism
-More focused on the specific market
-More adaptable to its changing needs;
-Able to clearly direct priorities and resources;
-Unencumbered by company culture or bureaucracy that impedes development
-Operating with a lower overhead than competitors.

Target Audience

Strategist , Agile Organisation or Transformation Coaches , Senior leadership , researchers

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  • Ashay Saxena
    By Ashay Saxena  ~  3 years ago
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    Your proposal looks interesting!

    However, for evaluating a proposal we need content / slides and/or a video of any presentation on the topic you have made earlier. Would request you to go through the link http://2016.agileindia.org/#speaker.

    Please do update your proposal with the same to help us provide a more objective evaluation.



    • Gauri Mohan
      By Gauri Mohan  ~  3 years ago
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       I have presented on different topics twice earlier in Agile forums like :-
      1. Agile Noida
      2. Agile Chandigarh
      Please let me know are you looking for the previous presentations on those different topics or this topic as this is something I have only presented in my company and IIT Delhi.
      Please confirm.
      • Ashay Saxena
        By Ashay Saxena  ~  3 years ago
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        Hi Gauri,

        We need a presentation which is a good reflection of the topic proposed to be presented at the conference. My sense is that your presentation made at the company/IIT-D would be more appropriate in this case.