Product Owner & Development Team - A Tango in Communication

schedule Mar 17th 02:00 - 03:30 PM place Esquire

With over 5 years in the practice of tango, I would like to use tango techniques to explain the nuances in communication between product team and dev team. It's not often straight forward or easy. 

Tango is an extreme dance in coordination and non verbal communication where both dancers decide how fast or how slow they want to take it. It is also one of the few dances where pauses are encouraged and takes the form of regrouping. 

It will be an experiential learning experience. I will be using tango moves to explain communication techniques and considerations. 

(Note: It's not a session to learn tango, but a session to learn communication through tango.)


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Depending on the set up of the room and people attending. If we have open space and enough men and women, we'll do tango together as I explain the principles. People can also choose to watch while others may choose to participate. 

All of the elements are metaphors for communication. 

Set up & organisation of group (10mins)

The pose - Importance of having your own axis and understanding your own strengths before engagement. (10mins)

The leader and the follower - clarity of roles and importance of active listening, starting on neutral grounds (10mins)

The change in weight - importance of synchronising before moving, the courage to use pauses to synchronise (10mins)

SHU HA LI - where steps integrated and not memorised, new beauty can emerge. (10mins)

Q&A, Reflection & Closing (10mins)

Learning Outcome

- Mindfulness in what's important in communication. (Spoken and unspoken)

- Communication like dancing is a learning process even for natural dancers & communicators. 

- What people can tell from your communication. 

Target Audience


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  • Venkatraman L
    By Venkatraman L  ~  4 years ago
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    Dear Jas, 

    Thanks for your proposal. An interesting one. Learning through dance :) 

    Was this conducted in any previous conferences / meetups ? Would it be possible for you to share any previous videos (prob 1-2 min video) so that we can get a glimpse of how it was executed prior to it ? 

    If you want the video to be shared in private, you can choose the Private message checkbox in the bottom. 

    But if you are ok to share it to everybody, you can update the proposal itself with the link 



    Also, we are internally looking if this would fit in any other theme than Enterprise Agile unless there are specific reasons for it to be so.