From an agile implementation perspective, emphasizing the art of facilitation is an incredibly powerful tool for creating a culture of collaboration, and then leveraging that culture as a springboard to organizational transformation.  With strong facilitators at the gateway between business and IT, within IT delivery teams, and at key intersection points within an organization, the challenges to achieving organizational agility diminish. Strong facilitators bring forth the wisdom of teams and provide a container for self-organization. Facilitation is the cornerstone of servant leadership.


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Outline/structure of the Session

The workshop will be a facilitated session, modeling a variety of group facilitation techniques. It will start using a technique called “simultaneous surveys” to get an idea of the group’s baseline definitions of facilitation, empowerment, and organizational agility. After 5 minutes of processing the outputs, participants will then engage in a modified “World Café” style exercise and use brainwriting to provide input on topics related to facilitating individual and team empowerment. This activity session close with a large group wrap-up, identifying key takeaways and open questions.

The remaining time will be used to present key facilitation concepts and illustrate the synergy between facilitation and empowered agile teams / organizations.

Learning Outcome

Through this workshop, participants will learn the various facilitation techniques related to individual and team empowerment. 

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, project managers, program managers, product owners

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  • Fincy Yousuff
    By Fincy Yousuff  ~  2 years ago
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    Hello Reha,

    Interesting topic you have here! Just to understand the topic and your presentation better, it would be good if you could add in more info about how the workshop is going to be.

    1) Could you please share a draft of your presentation? Also, have you presented this topic elsewhere?

    2) If you have, could you share a video or a link to the video? Alternatively, you could share a video of any other pesentations you have done in the past.

    3) This workshop is aimed for an Advanced audience. In your opinion, how do you think you can engage or involve people with about or nearly a decade experience in the industry in your workshop? How is this workshop going to be different for them?