Agile has become ubiquitous in software development owing to its credibility to be able to deliver continuous business value to the customer. Even in large organizations, most notably, financial institutions such as investment banks where several systems need to be integrated to realize business value, agile becoming a central theme in software development

A practical account of how Agile was implemented in an investment bank and the benefits realized along with how the team overcame the challenges to deliver the value to the user



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Outline/structure of the Session

Outline/structure of the Session

  • Background of the team/process nine months ago (3 mins)
  • Agile implementation and decisions taken to customize scrum to our situation(10 mins)
  • Discussion (7 mins)


Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

  • Organizing the teams into functional feature teams
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Improving productivity



Target Audience

Any one working in Agile development or enthusiastic to work in Agile

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  • Anish Cheriyan
    By Anish Cheriyan  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Seetharam,

    Thanks for the topic submission. Please request to add the slides to understand and evaluate better.



  • Leena S N
    By Leena S N  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Seetharam,


    Can you add more details to the proposal on the specifics you want to cover in the talk? Agile Experience Report is too generic for a talk. 


    • Seetharam
      By Seetharam  ~  3 years ago
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      Thanks Leena for your


      I have modified to the following text 'Agile implementation and decisions taken to customize scrum to our situation' in the Outline section. The following line will be my proposed talk

      I would be interested to cover how and why a multiple product groups are merged to form a single product backlog, how did we merged and decomposed the teams from these multiple product groups and then how did we follow the basic scrum rules in this context.

      Let me know if you need any more information


  • 90 Mins


    A simple play by play guide through each scrum value to develop team harmony, strong communication skills, sharing techniques and accountability tools. This is where great high performing teams start.

  • Liked Laxmana Rao Settipalli

    Laxmana Rao Settipalli - Open Culture Hidden Challenges

    20 Mins
    Experience Report

    Knowing challenges and taking them over is what we preach. In reality making it happen is a true success. Agility as a practice when implemented speaks about the thresholds, we debate and blame the stake holders of the process but in reality, we are failing to deliver the essence of agility to the bottom level.  If it is just forcing on to the stake holder we call to practice, we can say we are an agile environment but is it how it is supposed to be?

    When asked this question time and again, what we truly understand is we are not considering the integral value agile can offer when the bottom level leaders are the true agilist. Are we really not considering this to happen? How do we work to make this happen? Are frameworks built to fit or should we tailor them for the right fitment?

    Making leaders believe that they are not shepherds but leaders of teams they work with, is essence of implementing agility all across the environment. Pragmatism is essential at every level of interaction when we decide to implement agility. If the Scrum Master is the one who has to do it, he should be giving more thought on how to make Agility a reality than keeping it to the documented success stories.