Value Stream Mapping - Scaling value delivery beyond teams

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) allows for a quick visualization of value being realized out of a work being executed. The good thing about VSM is it provides visualization to both the teams as well as the business sponsors to understand and plan for the go to market strategies easily. The value streams are usually a long-lived series of product or system development process that provides continuous flow of value to both the business and the customers. Not only Value Streams can provide visualization for the product / system development but also can be used for identifying the bottlenecks within the process and eliminate them to enable faster development.


However, there would be a few challenges while identifying the value stream when scaling up the agile at an enterprise level. At team level, when done effectively, even scrum boards or retrospectives can act as value stream mapping activities. But when scaled at a business unit level over a 10-12 scrum teams, identifying the value streams for all layers like agile teams, product management teams and business sponsors can be quite challenging.


This paper will focus on some of the techniques to overcome the challenges and identify the value stream that can be realized for both the business and the customer.


  1. Visualize – Come up with a conceptual diagram of the value stream that covers all the layers of the business unit / organization
  2. Milestones – Identify the milestones on the calendar when the values will be realized and how for both the business and the customer
  3. Measure – Have a measurement system in place to measure the waiting time, actual time and delays if any
  4. Retrospect – Observe and identify bottlenecks to streamline the value that needs to be delivered

Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. Brief introduction to value stream mapping - 3-4 minutes

2. Challenges in identifying VSM in large enterprises - 3-4 mins

3. Techniques for identifying Value Streams - 20 mins - this session will include practical examples of I have done it with various clients

4. Advantages of VSM - 5 mins - from my experience with the clients

6. Q&A -5-8 mins


Learning Outcome

1. Why values streams are important specially when scaling

2. What is in it for teams, business owners and the customers

3. Mapping Value Streams to organization strategy and percolating it down till the last user story at the team layer

4. Some ways to identify VSM

Target Audience

Any large organization taking up enterprise agility

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