This session will demystify what does Agility at team versus program mean from the context of Enterprise Transformation, illustrated with my experience.
Adding to the flavor, I will bring out reflections from the new Nexus framework that simplifies the adoption of scaling Scrum. 
1) Exploit and adopt core agile practices at the program level
2) Imperatives when scaling from team level agility to program level agility
3) Critical Success Factors in Agile Program Management
4) Process Vs Mindset change
5) Best Practices in Agile program management."

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Flow of the Presentation:
First 20 Minutes

1) One Slide on What is Agile Program Vs Portfolio Management and what does Enterprise Agility mean? 

2) Move onto Agile Program Management Manifesto -> Focus on Organization than Process; Organizational flexibility is the key

3) Organization's size does matter to scaling 

4) Components of APM - Agile Program Management

5) The importance of planning and what makes planning Agile - Agile Release Planning

6) Experience Sharing: Anti-Patterns in large scale agile programs

7) Critical Success Factors - Focus, Communication and Transparency

Next 20 Minutes

1) One Slide on the Nexus Framework - the new method of Scaling Scrum in a more simplified and intuitive manner, Thanks to Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum. "Nexus is a framework that drives to the heart of scaling: cross-team dependencies and integration issues."


2) What does Nexus recommend - the level of prescription and the questions left to the teams to answer themselves 

3) Audience Debrief and interpretations on the new Nexus Framework 

Note: Being a very recent Scaling framework over the last few months, I have no hands-on experience in implementing Nexus, whereas I am a Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and I have coached teams in implementing SAFe. Given this background, I can illustrate how Nexus simplifies scaling agility in a more intuitive manner.

Learning Outcome

Anti-Patterns in managing large scale Agile Programs

Critical Success Factors in Agile Program Management

Understanding of the Nexus framework to scaling


Target Audience

Agile Program Managers, Agile Coaches, Leaders, Product Managers, System Architects etc ....

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