Self Organizing teams - Myth or a powerful tool?

Ever wondered - "Can any team self organize really? Is Self Organizing team better than team led by a boss?"

Then this Workshop is for you!!




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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Share a story about how Birds fly together (Self Organize) in a particular formation and achieve 71% increase in productivity. Introduce self organizing teams to the participants (About 10 minutes)

2. Do an activity to let participants experience how team self organizing/design works (About 15 minutes).

3. Facilitate discussion with participants on learnings/observations about Self organizing teams based on the activities done (About 15 minutes)

4. Do an activity to let participants compare performance of a self
organizing team and team led by one person (About 20 to 25 minutes).

5. Participants to share their inferences from the activity on advantages, challenges of creating self organizing teams. (About 10 minutes)

6. Facilitator to discuss why self organizing teams is an integral part of Scrum (About 5 minutes)

7. End Workshop with another high energy activity that let participants Self-Organize one more time!! (About 10 minutes)

Learning Outcome

1. Help participants experience how team self organizing/design works

2. Help participants understand how to create Self Organizing teams

3. Help participants discover how Self Organizing teams can have better productivity compared to teams led by one person/boss.

4. Help participants understand role of Self Organizing team in Agile.

Target Audience

Beginners, Managers, Development Team memebers

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