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If you've never worked at or seen a high performing team, it is difficult to know what to do to get yours started. This talk will give you a basic recipe for forming the working agreements that can lead to a high performing and self managed team. By weaving together both theory and the practical experience from Spotify's way of doing things, we will go on a journey that will give you both the ingredients and the techniques to get cooking. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • How to Fail at Introducing Agile
  • What It Takes to Get Started
  • The Continuously Learning Team
  • What Makes Teams Effective
  • How an Agile Team at Spotify Works
  • How to Make It Work For You

Learning Outcome

You will walk away from this talk knowing what are the key components you need in order to setup your team for success. Whether you are starting one from scratch or coaching your existing team, you will learn how to fuel continuous improvement. Using real examples from teams at Spotify you will get see how high performing teams function in practice, and you will also learn about some of the theoretical underpinnings that explain how these principles and practices work, so you can have a new lens with which to look at your team's current practices or new ones you are considering.


Target Audience

Managers, Coaches, Engineers interested in teamwork

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  • Naresh Jain
    By Naresh Jain  ~  4 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Simon,

    A retrospective narrative of your experience at Spotify sounds like a great idea. I'm sure you can talk about it for hours as there might be many topics to cover. Hence I request you to please pick the top 3-5 topics that you really want to focus on and provide a time-wise breakup of topics you plan to cover in your talk. This will really help setting a clear expectation upfront.  Also I would suggest you update the session type to "case study". IMHO case studies are lot more effective as they focus on real stories, which people can remember and relate to better.

    Finally request you to please provide slides and videos of your presentation. (Either this presentation or any past presentation.) This will help the review team understand your presentation style and then plan your session accordingly.

    With those updates, this would be a great topic for the conference. Something that is very apt for the target audience of the conference. 

    P.S: I also see that you've written about Continuous Delivery using Docker at Spotify, it would be great if you can also present a case-study about that at our Continuous Delivery and DevOps theme?

    Thank you.