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Even high functioning teams occasionally have a hard time making decisions or coming up with creative ideas. There are times when the conversation seems to drag on long after a decision is reached. There are times when we have too many people involved in the discussion or the wrong people involved. There are times when we’re not sure whose the actual decision maker. And there are those times when we just seem to be out of synch with each other. This creative collaboration workshop provides tools that help resolve all of these issues. Come have some laughs with Doc, play with new friends, and learn one or two new techniques you can try at home.


Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction - 30 minutes
    • Games to form teams and get to know one another
  • Design a product - 30 minutes
    • Wordsmash to create a fictional product
    • "Yes And" to create a product feature set
  • Selling the product - 30 minutes
    • Pitches to the team
  • Choosing the Product - 30 minutes
    • Introduction to Fist To Five voting
    • Voting Exercise
    • Recap
  • Product Planning - 60 minutes
    • Generate planning items
    • 5x7 prioritization
    • Recap
  • Refining the Plan - 90 minutes
    • Introduction to Parallel Thinking
    • Parallel Thinking Exercise
    • Recap
  • Forming Teams for Execution - 45 minutes
    • Introduction to Collaboration Contracts
    • Collaboration Contract Exercise
    • Recap
  • Closing - 20 minutes


Note - there are 2 coffee breaks and a lunch included in the schedule, but not shown here. These vary based on the conference schedule.


Learning Outcome

  • Tool for simple team decisions (Fist to Five)
  • Tool for rapid collective prioritization of items (5x7 prioritization)
  • Tool for complex team decisions (Parallel Thinking)
  • Tool for creating sub-teams and clarifying roles (Collaboration Contracts)


Target Audience

Anyone who works on a team


Equipment needed:

  • 5 flip charts with markers
  • pens (at least 40)
  • post-it notes (at least 100)
  • at least 400 index cards - ideally they're 5"x7" cards, but that is not necessary.


Please set the room up in a cafe style with tables surrounded by chairs - 8 people per table/pod

Each table should have a flip chart, ideally on a stand. And each table can have a stack of post-its, index cards, and a pile of 8+ pens.

If possible, I'd like to cap attendance at 40, providing for 5 tables of 8 people each.


There will be hand-outs and takeaway materials for everyone. Is this something you guys can print up for me or should I bring them to the event? I don't want them handed out before the workshop. I'll deliver each piece at the appropriate time.


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