Nimble framework - Software architecture & design in agile era

Nimble Framework has evolved over time period while working across various industry domains and varying technology platforms in agile projects and programs. Nimble is accumulation of experiences and learnings.

I intend to talk about “Nimble framework - Software architecture & design in agile era” which can give insight into how to create and manage software architecture with proper mix of intentional and emergence.

Key concepts will center on:

  1. Handling of architecture and design in new product development, maintenance of a product, technology refresh, and major functionality revamp
  2. Thought process while dealing with architecture and design
  3. Development of team capability with respect to architecture and design

Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be 20 minute interactive talk which involve audio and video presentation.

Learning Outcome

Focus will be software architecture and design. Participants will get a chance to learn how to do architecture and design work in agile environment independent of technology and business domain.

Target Audience

Agile practitioner, developers, designers, architects and anyone who is interested in software architecture & design

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