This talk provides a closer look at the enterprise architecture for Continuous Delivery(CD). It’s a buzz word in industry and every organization is striving to adopt. It’s how software should be developed with a faster cadence to delight the customer. But road to achieve it is challenging as it first demands mindset shift for the organization other than adopting newer infrastructure and tools to enable Continuous Delivery. If it’s architected with right process, tools and infrastructure, usually within organization some product lines achieve it faster and other take time based on application maturity index.


I am going to talk about how Fidelity started its journey towards CD and talk more in detail about how organization can architect its process, infrastructure, tools and techniques and mindset required.


1.Integrated Delivery Environment

  1. Process - Scrums & Kanban
  2. Tools (TFS & Jira/Jenkins/Stash/Nexus/uDeploy etc)
  3. Workflow - Process + tools + patterns (gated checks, blue green deploy etc.)
  4. Metrics
  5. Release engineering refinements - Go Change Management ticketless!
  6. Quality is foundation through smart automation
  7. Continuous Delivery pipelines and patterns for deployment and delivery in non-production and production


Success factor for Continuous Delivery:

  • Bring ideas to production on the fastest path possible.
  • Incorporate MVP, test and learn.
  • Quality is the foundation.
  • Right tools. Right techniques. Right infrastructure.
  • People.


Disclaimer: The views or opinions expressed in this paper are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Fidelity Investments. This research does not reflect   in any way procedures, processes or policies of operations within Fidelity.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. About me and Fidelity (2 mins)
  2. Integrated Delivery Environment (15 mins.)
  3. Process - Scrums & Kanban
  4. Tools (TFS & Jira/Jenkins/Stash/Nexus/uDeploy etc)
  5. Workflow - Process + tools
  6. Metrics
  7. Release Engineering refinements - Go Change Management! (5 mins)
  8. Product Maturity Index - Code quality and Smart automation (10 Mins)
  9. Continuous Delivery pipelines and patterns for deployment and delivery in non-production and production (10 mins)

Learning Outcome

see abstract

Target Audience

Architects, DevOps, Developers, Leads and Managers,Automation Engineers

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