Adding Pistons to Running Engine - FeatureToggle to Rescue!

Feature branching has been a good practice for decades, but it defeats the purpose of continuous deliver, more over if we are releasing pretty frequently then feature branching can be pain to merge. Not only this but also, when you need roll backs, AB testing on certain users, Feature toggles have proved to be a very nice technique to make sure that you can bring in your incomplete or half baked but tested feature into production without exposing or you can disable a certain feature using feature toggle to ease you with roll backs.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What's Feature Toggle
  • Why not feature branching? the most frequent Argument
  • Techniques
  • Use cases - RollBack, AB Testing, Beta release to few users

Learning Outcome

Understanding about Deployment Pipelines and seamless continuos delivery.

Target Audience

Developers, Delivery Engineers, DevOps

schedule Submitted 4 years ago