How Lean beautifully fits in everywhere and encourages innovation

The lightning has struck, thunder is about to roar!

Alright, we all understand that "Agile" begins with the basics of bringing in iterative deliveries, faster feedback loops, bringing value faster to the customer.

DevOps brings the development and support teams together, helps bring down further cycle time through automation. 

It's all so wonderful and we see organizations are making it happen. We have principles, best practices, frameworks, industry trends and what not.

The thing that will steal the thunder in such organizations is bringing in the most optimized ways of doing "Agile" deliveries. 

Ofcourse there are various concepts from Manufacturing, various that the IT industry has adopted. We hear Value stream mapping, Kanban, Gemba, Kaizen. What is extremely enticing is that there is a solution to every optimization opportunity, and there is no golden recipe. There are various lean tools and you just have to use the right one to bring in more agility, sorry, value added agility to organizations.

You have a problem with productivity, Lean has the answer!

You have a problem with cycle time efficiency, Lean again has the answer!

And no, we are not talking about implementing frameworks, we are only talking about a culture, a culture of ensuring you are maximising your investment. And all this incrementally! Too good to be true?

As a leader in an Agile organization, you will not just be talking about agile deliveries, but will be referring to the most efficient agile deliveries with Lean thinking.



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Outline/structure of the Session

2 mins - Replay of Agile and DevOps

5 mins - How Lean marries well with organizations embracing Agile and DevOps

5 mins - Replay of some of the important lean tools

3 mins - A quick showcase of a case in point where Lean thinking was inculcated in an Agile transformation

2 mins - Key Takeaways / Conclusion

3 mins - Q&A

Learning Outcome

Lean will be a very key culture change required in organizations embracing DevOps and Agile. Churning out the right software in an efficient manner is going to be the need of the hour. And we are not talking about an additional  framework but a culture which brings in values that the team adopts to ensure there is continuous improvement and it fits in beautifully well with organization embracing DevOps and Agile. 

Target Audience

Agile enterprise leaders

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