How To Achieve Continuous Delivery With Devops - A Case Study & Demo

Business wants to release software solutions often, incrementally and fast; Devops is the mantra to achieve that. Join Karthi Sadasivan to hear how we have achieved continuous delivery - agile development + continuous testing + continuous deployments , what were the challenges we faced and how we have overcome that. You will also learn what you have to do to achieve continuous delivery - the ground work , choosing the tools & technologies and stitch it all together to enable continuous delivery. Watch a demo on how we did that, get inspired and try it out in your environment too.

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Outline/structure of the Session


Power point presentation with a demo video

Learning Outcome

Key takeaway is participants will learn what is needed and how to achieve continuous delivery and how devops plays a major role to do that. Will enable the participants to try out in their environments.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Operations, Project Managers, Business

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  • Karthi Sadasivan
    By Karthi Sadasivan  ~  2 years ago
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    Since i'm unable to attach file here, please provide an email address will share a sampler / draft version of the process workflow. Thanks- Karthi

  • Karthi Sadasivan
    By Karthi Sadasivan  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Sivaguru, The presentation will include the architecture, process, tools and technologies needed. Will also talk about what areas we need to concentrate -  identifying the mandatory areas and the nice-to-have ones. Will send the program team a sample design of this. Thanks - Karthi


  • Shiv Sivaguru
    By Shiv Sivaguru  ~  2 years ago
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    Need to see the outline and the presentation, if not at least a sampler to get an idea of the depth of coverage of this topic. Will the coverage be essentially on the tools and technologies or also the architecture and design implications?