Agile is a cultural journey complemented with the skills and expertise of a cross functional team. All departments – Dev, QA and Business has to mould their outlook and supplement it with respective technical and domain skills to give them an agile makeover. For QA, the transformation involves several other changes as well and the adoption curve is mostly rough. Most often, the Development and Business groups are observed to gel faster to agile world compared to the Quality Engineering department. This, perhaps could be because the challenges and outlook change associated with Quality Engineers’ transformation is of much higher degree compared to other units. There are higher chances that QA misses the bus or picks up late. The agile transformation of a company cannot be termed complete if QA transformation is incomplete.  In this presentation, Neema Cheriyath attempts to evaluate the various challenges that transforming companies and their QA is bound to experience in their agile journey. Neema narrates the lessons and experiences from her company’s endeavour with QA agile transformation and guides the audience with how QA could be better prepared for this journey and what could be done to ease and accelerate the QA agile adoption curve.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Significance of QA transformation in the journey of agile evolution.

- Key phases and stakeholders involved in agile transformation and associated challenges

- Insights to a travel industry company’s and its stakeholders’ experience with agile transformation

- Transforming the QE culture

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the key agile transition phases an organization goes through during the course of agile transformation
  • Understand the various stumbling stones QA could expect during each agile transition phase
  • Master techniques (based on experience learning) to overcome the various challenges faced by QA/Organization during agile makeover
  • Hear real time experiences of an organization in travel industry that transformed it quality engineering culture by re-moulding its QA outlook

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Test Leads, Test Managers, Transformation Leads

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