Continuous performance testing and test automation made easy with Taurus, Jenkins and Jmeter

When it comes to performance testing, JMeter is awesome but may not be complete. In this session,
we'll take a look at Taurus which is a free and open source automation framework, which is basically
an abstraction layer over JMeter (or Grinder or Gatling or Selenium, with more tool support
upcoming). The taurus  tests can be easily integrated with jenkins using the available plugins and helps us in running the tests seamlessly.

Making Test Automation Simple with Taurus and Jmeter and integration with jenkins:
• Extremely simple setup and upgrading
• Ability to execute existing JMeter (or Grinder or Gatling or Selenium) tests
• The ability to create new tests from scratch using user-defined files
• Real-time reporting
• Ability to integrate with Jenkins for Continuous integration of performance tests
• Multiple test output formats
• Native results format of the underlying testing tool
• Console statistics and pseudo-graphic charts during the test execution
• Easy way to define flexible pass/fail criteria. In case the results exceed a threshold, it is possible to
automatically mark test(s) as failed
• platform-independent- runs where Python and Java can run


Business Benefits:


  • The entire implementation is based on open-source tools so no additional investment for tools.
  • The Taurus files are easy to understand, so no expertise is required in Jmeter for performance test development and maintenance. Can be handled easily by any team.
  • Daily reporting of the metrics helps to make concise decision about the overall quality of the product under test.
  • Highly suitable for agile based environment.



This will be followed by a live -demo.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction to the topic.

key concepts explanation.

How we implemented the concept in practise.

Live demo


Learning Outcome

Succesfully use taurus and Jmeter for continuous integration with Jenkins and run performance tests and automated tests seamlessly anytime from anywhere

Target Audience

Test Lead, Test Manager, Performance Engineers , Automation Engineers

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