India has a fascinating 100 year old MOTION picture industry and a vibrant media sector. However, do we realize that more than 95% of the 1500+ motion pictures to come out of India actually fail ?  What can be done to actually make this industry more sustainable and production houses profitable ? The answer lies in structured data collection and research on the Motion Picture Industry of India. We have experimented with our BIG DATA research and a lean approach to film making would an ideal way . 

The work involves understanding the inherent risk in movies and mathematically deriving a formula that would help producers/production houses to assess the risk and mitigate it. In doing so, we can plot BELL Curves for the entire motion picture industry's revenue aggregates and budgets and understand the optimal investing climate. This can be done only if more start ups come up in the BIG DATA industry related to Motion Picture industry. We have successfully demonstrated our theory in producing and releasing a feature film in telugu language.


Outline/Structure of the Original Research

Understanding the scope of the Industry

Identifying the universe of the problem

Focus on the sub set of the problem

Data points and research

Theoretical & Logical identification of the problem

Mathematical Evidence

Empirical Evidence

Lean solutions  

Learning Outcome

How to minimize the risk involved in the MOTION picture industry and enabling and protecting the interests of investors in the field.

Target Audience

Start Up Enthusiasts, Angels , Private Equity, Movie Goers, Media & Entertainment Professionals

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