Handling Agile/Scrum Ceremonies Creatively and Fun-filled

Dont you think the scrum ceremonies are a chore? Doing it on a day-to-day sprint-on-sprint basis makes it more exhausting than exhilarating isnt it? This is the same thought that resonates across millions of agile/scrum practitioners in the world which I am trying to address by bringing many creative approaches to the routine that scrum offers. My ideas will also make the existing scrum ceremonies spruced up so that you feel you have got the right traction and move things ahead in your organization/teams in a funfilled and creative way.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This will be a 30 minute talk. 2 minute for introduction and context 15 minutes for the presentation (assisted by a PPT deck) and 3 minutes for conclusion and wrap up. Followed by 10 minutes for Q &A / Discussions. 

Learning Outcome

Creative ways to take on scrum ceremonies

Value add to your existing agile/scrum process

Keeping your team kicked about those routine stuff

I dont want to divulge any further here so that the surprise isnt lost and its going to wait for the event day.

Target Audience

Agile Scrum Teams

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