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    'Tis Better to Be Effective Than Efficient

    Kent McDonald
    Kent McDonald
    schedule 5 months ago
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    45 mins

    Better. Faster. Cheaper. Many IT organizations are constantly seeking the "best" practices that will deliver those characteristics, and the fact that they continue to search indicates they haven’t found them yet.

    It could be they are looking in the wrong place. Most efforts around achieving better, faster, cheaper center around becoming ultra efficient.

    Effectiveness may just be the better target.

    Join Kent McDonald to explore the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and learn three simple, yet powerful, techniques that he has found can help teams be more effective. You’ll learn how to:

    • Build a shared understanding of the problem you are trying to solve
    • Establish clear guard rails for distributed decision making
    • Measure progress based on outcome, not output

    Along the way he’ll share stories about how he has used these techniques and help you figure out when these techniques may work in your situation.

    You may be able to get faster and cheaper with efficiency, but in order to get better outcomes, you need to be effective. Come to this session to learn how.

  • Diane Zajac-Woodie
    Diane Zajac-Woodie
    Doc Norton
    Doc Norton
    schedule 4 months ago
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    90 mins

    The world as we know it is growing more complex. As we automate away those things that can be easily repeated, we leave ourselves with ever more challenging work. The way we’ve worked in the past won’t necessarily work for today’s problems… or will it? Join Diane and Doc as they explore dimensions of complexity in software development and look at how teams and leaders might adjust their behaviors (and the software they create) based on the complexity of the problem at hand.

    This hands-on, interactive workshop will provide a practical introduction to Cynefin (a sense-making framework for complexity) and show how it applies to the work we do every day as creators of software. You’ll map your own work to Cynefin and learn about applicable management styles and optimal team interactions for each of the Cynefin contexts.

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