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    How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love my Agile Team

    Dipesh Pala
    Dipesh Pala
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    45 mins

    As we reflect back on our numerous struggles with making Agile Teams more efficient and operate like well-oiled machines, we are often overwhelmed with wondering how we didn’t learn the lessons faster or earlier.  Life is too short to learn from just our own mistakes – we have to learn from others’ mistakes as well.

    In this session, Dipesh will be drawing upon more than a decade of Agile experiences in multiple organizations across nine countries to share stories and challenges of transitioning into an Agile Leader, while also focusing on what we in the Agile community are struggling with most.

    There has been a lot written about techniques for creating great Agile teams.  Dipesh will take these theories a bit further, and look into how Leaders can build great teams, not by using a new method or management style, but rather by understanding their own Agile team dynamics and behaviour.  

    You will learn about the assumptions and challenges surrounding self-organizing Agile teams and how to build a stronger team of Servant Leaders.

    If you are a leader or an aspiring leader of an Agile team, this session will provide clear implications for where to focus your efforts so that you do not worry about the wrong things. You will be inspired by knowing how to establish trust within the teams that is required to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity while confidently making better decisions.

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