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    Importance of preparation in an agile world

    Prabhakar Karve
    Prabhakar Karve
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    Significant improvements to our prepared for dealing with uncertainty in life and work can only happen when our repetitive patterns of behavior change permanently. Day-to-day occurrences around us offer a rich source of such improvement opportunities.

    All that is missing is a systematic way to look at our actions, interactions, decisions, emotions, and opinions as they are unfolding. The way of working (WoW for short) framework provides the missing link to fill this gap. It looks at what why and how of our ways of working. It also provides a step by step practice to make it a habit till it becomes our second nature.

    WoW framework is completely neutral – like air or water around us. It especially works well with agile by complementing it. Regularly practicing the new way of looking at things helps us to move from a fixed to an agile mindset.

    With the WoW approach we keep watching our actions, interactions, and emotions and link them back to our opinions and decisions. We will start seeing a permanent change for the better, only when we are able to correctly change our current decisions as well as transform our opinions.

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