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    Leadership Engagement - Philips Scaled Agile Transformation Journey

    Sundaresan Jagadeesan
    Sundaresan Jagadeesan
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    Philips - SW transformation program is involved in the deployment of (Scaled) Agile framework to enable TTM and Quality in Business from the year 2014. We started with Pilots and then followed with Mass deployments. We have:

    1. 44 Agile Release Trains launched since Aug 2014 and 220 + PI planning sessions completed.
    2. Currently, focusing on System Business with multiple ART’s launched in Systems Business, including 1st ART launch in Philips –China.
    3. 3700+ people engaged in (Scaled) Agile way of working globally and part of ART's and 1300+ are formally certified in Agile and SAFe

    We have learned that when engaging, deploying, an important and not-to-be-forgotten first step is to brief Executives and leadership about the approach, changes .This typically takes 4-8 hours, which sounds like a huge investment, but almost always is seen as paying off. Involving Leadership along has been a key element of our Success in our deployment

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