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    A playbook to guide and support you on Leading Enterprise Agile Transformation

    Parikshit Basrur
    Parikshit Basrur
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    45 mins

    Enterprise Agile Transformations are tough. Leading them is even tougher.

    This workshop caters to all levels of maturity - beginner, intermediate, advanced and executive because everyone is in this journey together.

    In this session, I share a practitioner's perspective, without the academic jargon and the deep philosophical underpinnings, to design a transformation playbook that is built on learnings in our Agile transformation journey. 

    The transformation playbook has a set of practices, key learnings and templates that we will use in the 45-minute workshop to work through your journey in your organisation. You will walk out of this session with a better understanding of how to apply some new tools, frameworks and practices to guide and support your transformation. 

    The conversation is by a change agent to change agents who are at different stages in their Agile adoption journey, some starting, some restarting and others, in the thick of it.

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