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    Why one size doesnt fit all? - Selecting scaling framework.

    Nilesh Kulkarni
    Nilesh Kulkarni
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    45 mins

    Why one size doesnt fit all?  - Selecting scaling framework.

    This session will focus on what are the aspects organizations should consider when they want to scale agile implementation in organization.  There are several frameworks out there like SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, and so on. what is it that organization is trying to achieve and how a systematic approach of scaled agile implementation can help the organization.

    Attendees will be able to understand what aspects should be considered before organization decides to scale agile.  How to scale agile and when to do it largely depends on what organization is trying to achieve. Each organization is operating it in different way so there is no defined formula or framework that will work for all. But guidelines from this session will help the members to identify their needs and then take further action.  These guidelines can help the organization to successfully scale agile irrespective of which framework is selected.

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    Agile Scaling Frameworks and their Eco-System - Boon or Bane?

    45 mins

    Over the last few years, as agile has gained traction inside the enterprises, we've seen many scaling frameworks have sprung up. These scaling frameworks claim to retain the core agile values & principles and aim to provide a simple yet comprehensive way to scale agility across the organisation. There have been several success case-studies that have been published. We also hear and see many horror stories of failed scaling attempts. 

    In this panel, let's have a critical view of the entire scaling framework eco-system.

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