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    Scaling Agile - Your Challenges => Potential Solutions

    Dave Thomas
    Dave Thomas
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    90 mins

    This is a workshop where we will seek to respond to challenges of attendees with respect to Scaling Agile development.  We begin with a quick discussion of transitioning to Lean and Agile in the Large to provide a common context. We then open the discussion for participants to bring forward their challenges. We vote on the challenges and then discuss them starting with the ones with the highest votes.  We time box the discussion of each challenge so we can deal with as many as possible.  Examples which may be discussed.

    Transition Planning; Agile Maturity; Agile in a Legacy; Agile with Enterprise Vendors; Estimation in the Larger; Envisioning; Architecture and Design; Testing; Nonfunctional Requirements; Feature Teams versus Component Teams; Agile Database/BI; Portfolio Planning; Management and Technical Ladders; Metrics; Automation of Testing and Deployment....

    Bring your challenges.

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