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    Scaling Your Continuous Deployment Using Docker and Containers

    Sean Dunn
    Sean Dunn
    Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards
    schedule 5 months ago
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    90 mins

    How can new tools and technologies shorten our feedback cycles, and reduce pain and frustration of deployment and maintenance of systems? How do you scale your continuous deployment system to support more developers? This hands-on technical session demonstrates how new containerization technologies like Docker and Concourse CI can be used to build deployment pipelines. Sean and Chris will show how to build a deployment pipeline, configuration-manage it, and deploy software through it. 

    No previous technical knowledge of Docker or Containers is needed. 

    This will be a 2 part. The first 45 minutes will go into the basics of docker. The second 45 minutes will show how to setup a Concourse.CI continuous delivery pipeline.

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