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    DevOps lead IT Transformation story of an Investment Bank

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    Total cost of ownership of the Investment Bank IT portfolio is way too high. Business is also keen in getting high responsiveness from IT. There is high desirability from all stakeholders in changing the way IT work. Based on a value stream analysis, key  aspects that impede speed and value are identified. Common and prominent impediments identified are silo, handovers, local optimization, manual and inefficient software engineering.  Principles and practices of DevOps seems to be an excellent fit for this change. This means new capabilities for IT workforce, new operating model, new way of measuring, new way of aligning with other corporate groups like security etc.  This session is a journey in progress of IT transformation using DevOps as core theme.  Where to begin? What to change? How to create capabilities? How to onboard teams into this wave? How to sustain? Where are we now? Where we want to reach? Lessons learnt?

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