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    Analytics Driven Software Engineering for Mobile Apps

    Julian Harty
    Julian Harty
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    480 mins

    There's little need to work in a vacuum as an isolated developer or team. Our software tools, our apps, and our users all provide information we can use to help us improve our practices and the apps we produce. Some tools provide leading information - that's available and can be applied before we release the app. Other information lags the release of our app to testers and users, we receive the information as the app is being used. 

    The information may help us reflect on our existing work, what went well and what we missed or didn't do quite as well as we'd like to do. We can also use it to improve how we work in future, for instance to test more effectively and efficiently, to learn from production and real world use of our software, etc. We can choose to work faster, increase the value of the feedback we receive, and shorten the feedback cycles so we can iterate faster and more purposefully.

    In this interactive workshop we will be able to investigate and review some of the many and varied tools and sources of information. We will compare information that is easily available with techniques such as implementing and applying mobile analytics and designing automated tests to help us collect high-value, relevant information explicitly. We’ll also investigate the capabilities and tools that are available to developers and those who support mobile apps to harness these tools and the data they provide to refine and improve our testing. We'll also consider automated testing, their sweet-spots and their blindspots.

    In addition to general mobile testing techniques we’ll investigate ways to help decide what to test next and what might survive in the morass of “won’t be tested”. As we learn more about specific aspects of an app, we can further refine the testing and use various analytics and research to improve our testing. There’s plenty of data available to help us improve the testing and even the development of mobile apps if we choose to collect and use it. Privacy and protection of the users is also key and part of being a trustworthy, professional tester so we’ll touch on these topics and how they’re generally designed and implemented in mobile apps.

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