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    Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code

    George Dinwiddie
    George Dinwiddie
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    90 mins

    Many people agree that one important outcome of Behavior Driven Development is a set of regression tests to demonstrate the desired behavior and ensure that it is maintained over time. Then they often struggle to do so in a manner that remains maintainable as the system and the test code grows larger. Sometimes they even abandon their tests and start over, repeatedly.

    In this session we'll examine the evolutionary history of an application and its test suite. We'll stop at various stages in its life to consider the choices we might make to address growing complexity.

    We'll work using Cucumber-JVM and Java in order to be accessible to a large audience. You can apply these concepts in other languages and test frameworks. Rather than depending on having enough laptops set up, we'll use mob programming to enable everyone's participation.

    If you'd prefer exploring on your own machine, bring your laptop loaded and ready to go.  Clone the code repository from https://github.com/gdinwiddie/EquineHoroscope to get the code and its history.  Unzip http://idiacomputing.com/pub/EquineHoroscopeJars.zip in the same directory for the dependencies.  (Download sample at https://leanpub.com/EvolutionaryAnatomy/ for even more detailed instructions.) I'll be using Eclipse, and the instructions are tuned for that, but you can use any Java IDE.

    Bonus: Participants will receive a coupon for a free e-book on the material.

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