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    UI Automation Success: Keeping Pace with Product Evolution

    Narayan Raman
    Narayan Raman
    schedule 3 months ago
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    45 mins

    Team A's application is evolving fast. Team B is switching UI frameworks (jQuery to Angular). Team C is migrating an applet application to web. Team D is extending a web app to mobile. Can automation help in the following scenarios? Ideally it should.

    When applications evolve, test automation code starts failing. If tests are not fixed quickly, automation code becomes stale and the whole suite becomes unusable.

    Changes to applications follow specific patterns. Knowing these patterns helps create automation frameworks which can handle them easily. In this talk, through live examples, we will see various ways in which web applications evolve, how they break automation code, and how we can structure the automation code such that there is minimal change required to accommodate changes.

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