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    Design Thinking Vs. Lean Startup: Friends or Foes?

    Tathagat Varma
    Tathagat Varma
    schedule 3 months ago
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    45 mins

    In recent years, two similar-sounding but distinct approaches to product discovery have emerged: Design Thinking and Lean Startup. Most of the literature and experience reports refer to one of them, with similar frequency, without really giving much guidance on when to use which one of these approaches. This creates a confusion whether one is using the right approach. While a method must not be used for the sake of using a method, it is important to understand why, if at all, a given approach is likely to be more effective in a given context.

    In this talk, I will compare and contrast these two approaches and address the following key questions:

    1. Why do we have two (or more) approaches to product discovery?
    2. What, if any, are the fundamental differences between these two approaches? 
    3. How can I decide which approach is likely to work better in a given situation?

    The talk will focus on contemporary literature, expert guidance, industry data points, and author's own experiences, and will provide action guidance for the practitioners to apply in their daily work. 

  • Alexandra West
    Alexandra West
    schedule 5 months ago
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    90 mins

    Do strong personalities dominate your development team? Are code reviews painful? Are you blindly following orders from a backlog, or are you learning from observation?

    Visual Thinking Strategies, or VTS, is a cross-disciplinary technique applicable to anyone working in a collaborative setting where observation is key. VTS develops critical thinking skills by viewing and discussing works of art in a group. It is backed by over 30 years of field research showing its effectiveness and accessibility. By allowing individuals to talk about art - without needing a background in the field - VTS advances skills you can use to create more relevant products and stronger teams: Observing, Brainstorming, Speculating, Reasoning with Evidence, Cultivating a Point of View, and Revision & Elaboration.

    During this interactive exercise, we’ll discuss selected works of art as a group. There are no right answers or group consensus being sought. We’re creating an environment and process for looking, thinking, reasoning and revision - skills that are mission-critical to anyone working in a software design or development role. After our group discussion, participants will learn the basics of image selection and facilitating VTS sessions within their own organizations. In addition to the above, we'll cover how VTS can help you and your team with the following: Comfort with Ambiguity, Openness to the Unfamiliar, Civil Debate, and Willingness to Participate in Group Thinking.

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