• Ron van Kemenade
    Ron van Kemenade
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    Digital proficiency is no longer just "nice to have" for banks; it is a requirement for successful customer engagement and long-term growth. In 2010, the company adopted an agile approach to software development and delivery - launching products in rapid iterations and adjusting them based on customer feedback. The shift to agile helped the bank clarify its development strategy and its customer value proposition. It also prompted ING to redefine its employee value proposition by shining a bright spotlight on the high-quality engineering talent required to lead digital innovation.

    We've digitized our processes to make transactions clear and easy for our customers. We've invested heavily in channels and touchpoints with our customers, introducing mobile and other technologies so that we can offer our services 24/7, anytime, anywhere. We've invested in analytics and in getting a 360-degree view of customers to better empower them to make important decisions about their financial assets. And we've introduced agile ways of working - in particular, a DevOps model.

    If you are interested in learning more about our transformation and vision behind it, this session is for you.

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