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    Business Value over Architecture?

    Jutta Eckstein
    Jutta Eckstein
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    At the core of lean product delivery is -of course- the continuous delivery of a product. Yet, how does this impact the architecture, especially when welcoming changing requirements (even late in development)? Basically, the architecture should be enabled to incorporate these changes and therefore to emerge over time. This implies not to finalize the architecture upfront.

    For a small team being jointly responsible for the product delivery AND the architecture this is often already a challenge yet even more so for a large team. But, also for large-scale agile development the requirement for an emergent architecture holds true. However, it is difficult if not unrealistic to expect e.g. 300 team members to decide jointly on the architecture.

    Moreover, the role of and support for the architecture depends not only on the degree of the size of your development effort but as well on the degree of complexity of the system. 

    In this session I report on my experiences using different models for supporting an emergent architecture in different (mainly large-scale) environments that take the degree of complexity into account.

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