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    Improving Mobile Apps using an Analytical Feedback Approach

    Julian Harty
    Julian Harty
    schedule 4 months ago
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    45 mins

    There are various ways we can improve the testing of mobile apps. These include:

    • Better testing
    • Test automation
    • Scaling testing
    • Using software tools e.g. static analysis

    For mobile apps we can also incorporate two complementary forms of feedback: analogue - created by humans - such as app store reviews, and digital - built-into the apps - such as mobile analytics. This talk introduces ways we can incorporate both analogue and digital feedback to help us better understand the qualities of our previous work and ways we can improve our work in future so we release better apps while also working more effectively and productively.

    The feedback we receive can help us adapt and react nimbly, reducing the annoyances for users of our apps. We're also able to see beyond our  team's horizon to the rich and varied domains where mobile apps are being used.

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