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    Rapid User Validation using MVP Hacks

    Naresh Jain
    Naresh Jain
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    105 mins

    You have a great idea and you want to build the product and launch it in market as soon as possible. Before anyone else can launch it. Great! But building the product takes time, money and opportunity cost. While building and launching a successful product, several things can go wrong:

    • Have you really understood the core problem from the user's point of view?
    • Will your users like the user experience?
    • Have you validated your core-loop which makes your product very engaging?
    • Is your business model flushed out and validated?
    • And so on...

    So how do you minimise these risks? 

    In this 90 mins workshop, you will run some real tests with real users to de-risk yourself and gain validated learning.

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