Big Fish Challenges- Are You Ready for Change?

What is an Agile Transformation for a large organization (Big fish)? How do we get there? Isn’t it about bringing and building a positive change in the culture of Collaboration, Cultivation and competence with less command & control so as to empower people to be energized and innovative? So, goodbye Monday Blues. A positive change in a transformation is typically attributed to organizational culture and mindset which sets the approach of stakeholders towards delivering business value. This also sets a tone of moving away from Agile Adoption to Agile Transformation since the real benefit is in being Agile rather doing Agile. While adopting Agile practices bring silo structured discipline at team level, a change in way of thinking across organization to effectively achieve business objectives helps in being Agile.

In our experience of leading large enterprises in Transformation journey, it starts with observing the use of legacy IT system to support business operations and is in the path of replacing them with much wider user friendly, growing technology adaptive and versatile systems. Global leadership guides its organization stakeholders to adopt Agile mindset and work towards applying practices and principles of Agile so as to make its organization, a truly Agile organization delivering business value rapidly and frequently.

Attaining enterprise Agility is driven by changing the mindset of IT and business to function as one unified team. Common objectives are achieved by providing an environment conducive to collaboration, sharing and building trust. In this presentation, our focus is to highlight the challenges and learnings from big fish Agile transformations. Challenges span across Big Bang versus focused approach, “My Agile” to “Organizational Agile”, Onboarding Transformation catalyst to bringing in cultural change. Every organization is unique in itself however you can get an edge and smoothen the transformation journey curve by leveraging on our experience.

This is an experience report based on our involvement as Agile coaches in different transformation engagements across globe with different customers across domains such as retail, healthcare, insurance, communication etc.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction of the topic and speakers-2 Minutes
  • Setting the context and need for transformation-3Minutes
  • Transforming large Organizations-5Minutes
  • The “Gemba” Impact– 2 Minutes
  • Key Challenges, Mitigation steps and Learnings - 8 Minutes

Learning Outcome

  • How to accomplish an Agile transformation using a pull approach
  • Cultivating an Agile mindset  in a large global organizations
  • Challenges  in a large scale Agile transformation and mitigation (How to steer titanic from iceberg)
  • How large organizations benefit from Big bang versus focused approach

Target Audience

Agile coaches, Executive IT and Business leaders, Scrum masters

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  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks for submitting the proposal, please can you upload the supporting slides and a video of your previous talks. this would help in providing the feedback and proceed with further steps.




  • Tushar Somaiya
    By Tushar Somaiya  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks for submitting your proposal. Can you elaborate more on 

    • Transforming large Organizations-5Minutes
    • The “Gemba” Impact– 2 Minutes
    • Key Challenges, Mitigation steps and Learnings - 8 Minutes

    What specific challenges would be covered? What specific learnings would be covered? Is this topic more fit for agility at scale than agile mindset?

    • Prabhakar Rao Gumma
      By Prabhakar Rao Gumma  ~  1 year ago
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      Hi Tushar

      Thanks for your comments. In this presentation we would like to highlight key challenges  typical global organization encounters when they go for Agile transformation journey. Challenges as mentioned include (Not limited to) the pull versus push approach, Role of external coaches versus internal coaches, How head office culture pushes branch offices to change ( Head office in one geography and branch in other country) , How Transformation metrics are faked, Is leadership commitment enough to drive transformation or there presence in "Gemba" a pre-requisite in success of transformation etc.

      We plan  to bring these challenges based on our experience with multiple customers across geography as Agile coaches with our customers and how we addressed them.