Agile Teams are known to focus on customer satisfaction. However, the agile principles go beyond software development. It’s a mindset for people who need a management approach that builds consensus quickly in a fast-paced environment. The biggest challenge today in software development is not technology. What actually still stumps us is the people factor. Software Engineering has tried-and-true answers for most of what enterprise systems need. How to enable several engineers working together to achieve effectiveness is still an open question. Attempts at answering it pop up every day from different schools of thought. The more we try, the more we realize a fundamental truth: people teams are complex.

The Project Management discipline has discussed the subject of team building almost to exhaustion. Organizations are hungry for a checklist they can apply to make people work better together. The truth is that experience shows you can't actually build a team. Building implies you can make a big effort to create a stable foundation that stays up indefinitely. A more appropriate term for teams would be to grow, meaning to cultivate.

When I look back at how I have managed to cope up with all those challenges in my early career days, I realized a few things and activities have certainly helped me do so.

In this talk, I will be discussing a few practices that can be included in our day to day activities that would help to grow the team dynamics.

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Outline/structure of the Session


Why Team dynamics are of major concern

Common challenges in the teams

How to overcome those challenges

Question & Answers

Learning Outcome

1. Certain activities that can be included in the team to help improve communication and collaboration

2. Practices that helps team bonding

3. Understanding of how to be empathetic to the team members

Target Audience

All roles in an agile team. Especially helpful for Tech Leads and Project Managers

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  • Bhuwan Lodha
    By Bhuwan Lodha  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks for the proposal.

    Two questions - 

    1. How are you going to relate team building and challenges with people dynamics back to theme of "agile mindset"?

    2. Can you please update your proposal with a slide deck to help us understand the content better?

  • Liked Anand Bagmar

    Anand Bagmar - Meditation & Agile!

    45 Mins

    I have been meditating since quite some time now. Meditation gives me peace of mind. It allows me to be more conscious and aware of things around me. Interestingly, I have experienced the benefits in Coaching & Mentoring, in Testing and also in Automation activities on Agile projects.

    In this talk, I will be sharing how Meditation helped me in Testing on Agile projects - while working on various activities that help my team build a Quality product. I will also be sharing experiences of the way we approach certain testing activities - and how that correlates to the conscious mind, or not! These experiences can be applicable to any role on Agile projects.

    PS: I will be referring to some Meditation techniques that work for me. This is not about any religion / faith / practice.