Run your team as Independent Agile organistion

Running a team when there is no differentiated product identity for the team is difficult. And then suddenly all roles in agile like PO, Scrum master started looks like retrofitted. To get rid of this situation, each team should need mission statement and team manifesto similar to agile manifesto. This will be bottom up approach and not top down approach. teams shall come up with mission statement and team manifesto so that they can live with-it. Suddenly this will start to look like different ball game and all roles will get the meaning. POs , SMs and for that matter team members will feel they are leaving these roles. Rest of the organizations view towards this team will change.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. How team lost their identity and started to feel agile process is meaningless

2. What needs to be change in practices and process to bring back the meaning in life

3. How my experiment with Team Manifesto will work with Agile.

4. What Next??

Learning Outcome

One can learn how to do different experiment in agile world which we lost during the year of long agile practice. How teams will get and teams can retain their own identity?

Target Audience

Agile Practiotioners

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  • Vinod Kumaar R
    By Vinod Kumaar R  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Dilip,

    From the wordings of the structure of the session, I assume that it is still untested and a proposed style of working.



  • Anand Murthy Raj
    By Anand Murthy Raj  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Dilip,

    I have seen this Team manifesto concept in many organizations. Infact As agile coaches we make the teams to come up with a shared goal to help them get aligned to work and create a team bonding in them. How different is this method/approach from the one I have shared. Can you please share some striking idea/approach you have taken that beats the conventional way. What are the key takeaways to the audience? 

    Appreciate your help in helping with answers



  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Dilip,

    Thanks for Submitting the proposal and understand it's a case study, please can you share the slides which you would be using for the talk. Also if this is the first time, please share a 2 min short video to the proposal. Our team shall take a look into the details and provide the feedback.