We talk and hear a lot about value based delivery. Good. But, are enterprises really evaluating value? Are they struggling to first understand what value they are talking about? Is it the value gained from clients we call it as Value or is it the value gained from delivery we call it as Value? or Both? What's the value we are delivering at Portfolio, Programs, Teams levels? Does it really makes sense to apply value? If so, how can we do so? Additionally, what metrics or statistics can also radiate value?

This workshop uncovers some unique and practical way facilitating enterprises deliver their value streams piece by piece efficiently.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Begin with Interactive mode with following questions?

1. What is the measure or success criteria for value delivery?

2. What do we exactly mean by value?

3. What value our clients are gaining from the value delivery at each stage (Portfolio, Programs, Teams)?

These are not exact questions, and not even in the sequence of asking but idea is to ignite the workshop by asking real-time problem questions.

Brief about the various parameters at each level of an enterprise that can impact the decision making of backlog prioritization and minimum viable product delivery.

Workshop where each table will do a small exercise on conceptualizing a portfolio, breaking it down and delivering the value efficiently via the parameters discussed above.

And briefly discuss the each table what they did and what difference did it make

Learning Outcome

After this workshop, audience would be able to take this concept to their enterprises, flex it to their eco system and come up with a practical approach on delivering their value streams using efficient MVPs.

Target Audience

Project, Program, Product Management, Executives Sponsors, Solution Development

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  • Anand Murthy Raj
    By Anand Murthy Raj  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Nirav,

    Thanks for your proposal. 

    I am unable to establish a connect b/n Agile mindset and Value streams. Value streams is a technique to identify the waste in the system and eliminate the waste. How is this really connected to mindset as such. Can you please trhrow some light on this,.