An Agile Mindset is not owned by any specific group, guild or Squad – rather, this is the attitude that anyone can portray. It might require significant changes in what a person believes…which in turn influences how a person behaves in an organization.

It gives organizations the edge when it comes to integrating  embedding a high-performance culture. The environment of agility doesn’t happen instantly, it requires hard work and a coordinated effort from the entire organization, over a sustained period of time. Companies should concentrate their energy and resources in  areas that together brings successful culture change.

This session will be touch upon those aspects  from my Experience of Agile Transformation while Scaliing Agile.



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Outline/structure of the Session

 Five fundamental characteristics of an Enterprise agile organization:

  1. Responsiveness to strategic opportunities and shifts. 
  2. Shorter decision, production, and review cycles. 
  3. A focus on individual and organizational mind-sets.
  4. An emphasis on the voice of the customer.

Agile Mindset should it be Growth and Fixed Mindset

Relating from my experience or Practical Implementation, how following points of  Growth Mindset Help to Build Agile Mindset and Enterprise Agility: 

  1. Small incremental accomplishments lead to confidence — and there is difference between perceived talent and actual talent
  2. Failure as a reflection of one's ability, instead as a starting point for experimentation and testing of ideas.
  3. Brilliance can give head start but you need consistency and growth to succeed.
  4. Hunger to learn and passion to implement.
  5. Start seeing mistakes and failures to improve but  propose solution for growth— the way you learn, and improve, and eventually succeed. 

Learning Outcome

  • For Scrum Masters and Beginner Agile Coaches - how having a Growth Mindset helps Agile mindset
  • Teams how to align with Agile Organization and workings towards Growth Mindset.
  • Benefits of Agile Mind set in Enterprise Agililty - teh foundation of which can be Growth Mind set.
  • There would be questions in between which will trigger audience thought process on the topic - even during the session.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agilist, Beginner Agile Coaches, Agile teams

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  • Balaji.M
    By Balaji.M  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Saikat
    Thanks for submitting the proposal,

    Are you planning to present this topic as case study or general talk?
    Please upload the supporting deck which wil be used during the talk
    Any measurements/improvement areas which you had observed can be mentioned as Coaching Assignment
    Known topic, what would be the differentiating factors in your talk

    Thanks and Regards

    • Saikat Das
      By Saikat Das  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      It will be an experience sharing from in progress SAFe transformation for fortune 500 which SAFe team is also consulting from Client Side.

      This topic will tell how normal Scrum Master and Agile teams can be motivated to go on growth mindset for an excellent ART launch and they got huge credit for the this transformation from client organization.

      There is learning curve from playing a Scrum Master in normal Agile project vs. the same role is Enterprise wide scaled Agile that would be touched upon from mindset standpoint.

       I will avoid theoretical gyan as the time is less (20 mins) and share my actual practical experience which will surely beneficial to for people doing big ticket pure SAFe transformations

      The experience is suited for Indian context and the majority of the teams in second tier city.