Business Agility for today's' organizations

Organization's today are struggling with transformation. The problem begins with culture, mindset and behaviours. It is not enough that only IT transforms. The entire Organizational landscape needs to change, starting from the TOP. How then does an enterprise transformation coach bring about this transformation. What skills and competencies that he/she should bring to the table. This talk highlights these competencies and a methodology for a successful transformation.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Will be presenting a methodology for a successful agile transformation. Focuses more on how to bring about a cultural change within an enterprise, how leadership can help/guide in this transformation, and what leavers to push for this kind of a change. Will also focus on some specific tools and techniques to bring about this change. Will also highlight the orgNizational maturity required that aligns with the core values of  the Organization.


Learning Outcome

The participants will learn the following

1. What Bussiness agility means

2. How to apply agile values and principles for a successful transformation

3. What tools and techniques to use that aids this transformation

4. How to bring about a change in mindset and behaviours 

5. How to make that change stick.


Target Audience

Senior leaders, agile coaches, transformation coaches and business and functional personnel

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  • Balaji Ganesh N
    By Balaji Ganesh N  ~  1 year ago
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    Agree with Anand's comment.

    Vasanth - Can you please upload the slide deck and provide more details on the tool/techniques that will be covered in this talk.



  • Anand Murthy Raj
    By Anand Murthy Raj  ~  1 year ago
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    Hello Mr. Vasanth,

    May speakers talk about Agile transformation and its challenges. From what abstract I see I do not see any new topic/Model/Concept that you would like to talk. The topic is very general and most of them would have experienced this now. Can you please share some more details in terms of what are the short terms gains for the audience here.Can you also please your slide that can help us to understand the core contents of your presentation.